RDE Lutherie Privacy policy:

I Robert D. English am committed to keeping your identifying information totally private.  I will not give, share, or sell any of the information you provide to me, other than that which is intended to be published, for any purpose to anyone, whether private or corporate, under any circumstances within my control, no matter how badly they may want it.

I will protect all private data submitted to me with the best of my ability against regular and cyber-thieves, and do so using smart practices and tools such as:

I do not store your information on this web site or its server.  I do not store information in "The Cloud", as that means that multiple copy's would be stored in multiple locations, on multiple servers, possibly in multiple countries, all under different regulations and jurisdictions, and making it more susceptible to intrusion by greedy corporations, nosy government agency's and others.

I do not use Microsoft Windows 10, nor any other software or device made by Microsoft, as they clearly admit to data harvesting, including working with "Authorities" by uploading all of your data and processing it (Read their privacy policy to which you agreed to, with the use of their products).

This website and all of my personal computing equipment all employ modern and up to date hardware and software firewalls to thwart intrusion, male ware and virus detection and removal software, and in addition, all incoming traffic is monitored for phishing and SPAM in real time.

All personal client information that I have stored, is encrypted using strong algorithms, making it incredibly hard to decrypt, in case it ever gets into the wrong hands.

I can not guaranty to protect your personal information from the government and their various agency's, as their methods and reach may circumvent all the above weather rightful or not.

Lastly, I ask of you, to handle my information with care too:

Any emails to me from addresses not processed through this site or already in my data base, will be marked as "Junk" or "SPAM" automatically, and I may therefor never get them, so if you know anyone who has valid reason to contact me, please refer them to this site, so they too can fill out the contact form.

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