Welcome to the store.

Once I have something for sale, you will find it here.  I am not sure if I will sell direct, or through Amazon, Ebay or some other site yet.  That will depend on many factors which I will look into when the time comes.

Since I am a craftsman and not a salesman, it is unlikely that you will find anything not made by me here besides the occasional used item, unless I can offer goods made by others without having to spend a lot of time maintaining this section of the site, and offer them at a competitive price and still make a profit.

My chances of competing with the likes of huge on line sellers like Guitar Center who own Musicians friend, Woodwind and Brass wind, and just about everyone else are pretty much nonexistent, so it makes little sense to try, and as for selling products through them that I have plans to make (still far from fruition), that may not happen either, as I can not fill their quantity and price demands without becoming a manufacturer or farming out to one, which would most likely compromise quality, and I have high standards.

If you are interested in my guitar builds, and parts I may offer, then you can stop by here every once in a while, or even easier, “Like” my FaceBook page, and you will get announcements and updates as I make progress.  Don't worry though, I do not post that often, so you won't get bombarded with messages from me chewing your ear off!  I only post when I have accomplished something major worth seeing, and important “need to know” information.

To “Like” my FaceBook page click on the link below to go there, and click on the “Like” button in the bottom right corner of the header image (Top of Page).

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