What's in this gallery:

The links to the right will take You to pages that show some of my work.  Within, You will find pictures and descriptions of the jobs, some insight to why the are done a certain way, as well as my assessment of the instrument being worked on.  You may use the information, to get a better idea of what Your instrument may need and some of the different options You may have, and maybe even what instruments to avoid on Your next purchase.

In some instances You may notice that I sometimes modify, machine, or make parts by hand, rather than installing original replacements.  Why replace something that has failed, or been a problem all along, with the same thing?  When I am done with a job, I want it to be better than it was from the factory, wherever possible.

You may notice, that in some instances there may be some pictures missing, like some of in between steps and even a few "before" and "after" shots.  I apologize for that, but when I am engrossed in my work, it is easy to forget to take photographs here and there.  Just keep in mind that at least I put my work ahead of its documentation.

Enough ranting for now, click on a link to the right and go check out my work.