Broken headstock


I have been repairing guitars, basses and other stringed instruments for over 30 years now, and have gained a great reputation as a repair man, because I don't just go through the routine motions, but pay close attention to detail on every instrument, as if it were my own.  Being a meticulous craftsman, with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering and having a natural sense of artistry, elevates my execution of the craft beyond that of the common "guitar repair guy".

Although I can work with Instruments as made with original parts, my main field of expertise is the improvement of instruments that belong to musicians, who make music.  By replacing inferior parts with superior ones, and rectifying shortcomings that hamper the sound and playability, I aim to make sure that the players tool allows them to execute their craft with precision and pleasure.  If you are not looking for factory original, but would rather explore custom options, then head on over to the customization section of this site, in order to decide weather you want to go that route, and benefit from the improvements that customization can bring.

Here I aim to give you an idea of the various repair job's and procedures, and a general idea of what they may cost.

BulletRepair services offered:

I offer everything from simple setups and complex electronics to precise woodwork, and I will take on jobs others may be afraid to handle, and even some that are believed to be impossible.  The question of weather something is worth doing, is more a matter of price than my ability to do the work.

The links to the right will take you to more detailed information by topic, and are categorized by subject matter.

Although setup is a separate topic, setups are necessary with many jobs like repairing a broken headstock, or any work on the string path like replacing the bridge or nut, and with all fret work, and will be included in the estimate where applicable.


I am sure you have heard the expression "You get what you pay for", and you may have even learned the hard way that it holds true for the most part.  I am known for the quality of my work, and charge accordingly.  I prefer to use quality parts and materials as well as high end tools, and take the time to do things right the first time without shortcuts.  I do not do quick fixes or rig things to work for the short term.

I charge $45.00 an hour, with a one hour minimum but break hours down to ten minute intervals of $7.50 each.  Most jobs take a minimum of one hour to complete, so I rarely charge a full hour for an hour started.  I do not mark up parts and materials, and of course I don't charge for the time it takes for glue and finishes to dry.  In the end my prices are not bad at all.

Since estimating repairs can be a difficult task, and I suck at it, all estimates presume ideal conditions where problems are not obvious to the eyes or ears. I reserve the right to estimate in the high range to cover my basses, but it is just an estimate, and I always try my best to come in under it, and most often do.  In no case can I give estimates over the phone or through email, and I can only give you a general Idea of what work may be needed, based on your description, prior to handling an instrument, but pictures and sound recordings via email may be of help.

There are no prices within the topics of these pages, only rough times to perform some jobs, as prices are subject to change, which would require me to update to many pages of this site.


Although I guarantee my craftsmanship fully on woodwork and installation of parts for six months (180 days), I can not guarantee anything I did not make in the first place, like hardware.  I do extend any manufacturers, and suppliers warranty of parts used, to my customers.  Where the installation by a professional is a condition of that warranty, I take full responsibility as the professional.

BulletParts and accessories:

I do not have many hardware parts in stock beyond those used universally like fret wire, electronic components, screws and perishables like glue and oils, because there are just to many choices, and it is to easy for a one man small business like mine to get stuck with them.

A great number of repairs require new strings, and the choices are vast, so you will need to supply the brand and gauges of your choice.  You may also want to stick to a brand and gauge set of strings, as changes thereof can effect an instrument and its performance greatly, which is stipulated in my warranty.

Since I do not mark up parts, I have no problem at all if you supply your own, but please note that it is wise to consult with me first, before you spend good money on parts that may not fit without added work, or may be of poor quality.

Where it comes to items that are a matter of personal preference, like strings and pickups as well as the finishes of parts like chrome and gold, I can only make recommendations based on technical differences between the choices, and my own taste.

Finally, there may be differences in shades of chrome, gold and other finishes of parts that vary by manufacturer, and even sometimes vary between parts from the same maker, and most "Gold" parts are not plated with real gold.  I have no control over that what so ever, but I do understand electroplating and other finishes good enough to distinguish between varying quality and durability of finishes, based on the material and method of application.