The links to the right will bring you to different collections of questions, with answers you may be seeking, that are either not covered in the many sections of this site, are listed here again because they are important to me, or they just do not fit in anywhere else.

I urge you to read the topics of your interest first before coming here, as they contain detailed information.  For the most part the questions answered here pertain to things where my answers differ from those you may expect or are used to getting, and may serve as clarification.  I may even answer questions with a question, to which you are supposed to answer yourself honestly, without my having to point out the obvious.

If you do have questions not answered somewhere on this site nor here, that pertain to Lutherie, then you can ask me, but please observe the following first:

I will not answer, questions relating to DIY (Do It Yourself) guitar repair and building, as that would be counter productive to my business.

I am not a historian or a collector, so I can not accurately answer questions relating to the history of your instrument or give you estimates on its market value.

For questions about instruments and related equipment that I did not make, you should ask the manufacturer not me, unless it pertains to my rendering service.  They should be the authority on their products, and be able to be more specific.  Of course I can answer questions on ways I can improve or "Hot-rod" any of their instruments you may own, and most of it is already covered in the customization section of this site.

I will not answer, questions relating to religion and politics, as those are topics that wars are fought over, and they do not effect my work or performance in any way, and are therefor irrelevant.

There is a huge amount of data all over the Internet where you can get answers for lutherie, instrument and equipment related questions, so I see no reason to repeat any of it here.  Do be careful though, as there is a lot of misinformation, snake oil and even downright untruth out there, and in many cases written by instrument manufacturers and other luthiers!

Here is what you may find within the links to the right:

Business Q & A's:  Here I answer questions related to my business ( Lutherie), since some people want to know how and why I differ from most people in business.  Sometimes people try to give me suggestions how to run my business, here you may find out if an idea you may have for me is feasible or not, and why.

Instrument Q & A's:  Here I answer questions related to the instruments I have built, as well as try to dispel some common myths related to guitars.

Stupid Q & A's:  This section is just for fun, but will contain a few questions actually asked by someone, which will be noted but without reference to who asked the question.

All Other Q & A's:  Anything that does not fit in the other categories that I think you may want to know.