Contact guidelines:

Thank you for your decision to contact me!  Please understand that I am all alone here, and without any help by others, so I have to lay down some rules, in order to get my work (possibly on your instrument) done efficiently and in a timely manner.

Do not use FaceBook to contact me!

I have a FaceBook page, but do not use it to conduct business, use this form >>>.  I can not trust FaceBook, nor do I have time to run a chat line.  I only use it to keep those interested in my work posted on what I am up to, and use it in moderation as not to be a pest.  You are invited to check out my "FaceBook page", and if you are interested give me a “Like”.

Liking a post on a FaceBook page is not a like for the page, and therefore you will only recieve messages when that story is posted to.  You must click on the "Like" link in the bottom right corner of my page header to like the page itself.  If you do that, then you should see any post I make, reviews... to my page in your live feed, whenever they are made.

I will not help with "do it yourself” and related projects!

I only give advice to those I service based on the work I perform.

I do not answer general questions.

Unless pertaining to needed service, I do not answer general questions about guitars, lutherie or anything related.  I am not a historian, do not cater to the collectors market, and can not asses instruments by make and model, as that can not be reliable.  I have to see an individual instrument to asses it, and only do so in technical terms, not value (true or perceived).  There is a lot of information on everything I am willing to share already somewhere on this site, so if you have questions , the answeres are already at your fingertips.

I can not take on apprentices!

I just don't have the facilities nor the time to take on apprentices.

Here is a link to my "privacy policy", it will load here replacing this page.