What is Lutherie?

RDE Lutherie is the name (I Bob English) chose for my business, so why is it not BDE Lutherie?  Well although Robert is my official name I prefer bob, but as BDE could stand for beady eyes, bad darn engineering, big deal everyone, and a bunch of other not so good stuff, and could stand for really darn exquisite, I opted for RDE, besides Robert is on a higher level than Bob, from a psychological standpoint, just one of those things.

The lutherie part is clear to those who know the word, as it comes from the word lute, a mid evil instrument, and refers to "one who builds stringed musical instruments", and it includes instruments of the violin family, guitars, mandolins ukeleles and even banjos, but does not include instruments in the piano family.  On the other hand it does not mean that everyone who calls themselves a luthier, makes all of those instruments.

Who is Lutherie?

So far it has always been me, and me alone.  A few people wanted to partner with me in the past, but none lived up to my expectations, or even came close to delivering what they had promised.

What, is that all?

No, there is a lot more to me and my business, and you will find more on specific topics in the links to the right and in the Q and A section of this site if you want to know more.